2020-2021 School Supply List

Third Grade

24 - #2 “Ticonderoga”  pencils( no mechanical)

2-large pink pearl erasers

1-package pencil top erasers

1-Student Scissors (pointed works best)

6-glue sticks

1-box crayons, or colored pencils

1 –package Dry Erase Markers( black only)

3-Wide Ruled 1 subject Spiral bound notebooks (solid colors)

3-Boxes of tissues

2-plastic 2 pocket folders with prongs

1-Highlighter- yellow  

1- pair of earbuds

1-package of copy paper

Girls-Gallon size ziplock bags and Clorox Wipes

BOYS- Snack size ziplock and 10oz or larger hand sanitizer

Large glue sticks and/or bottles of glue for STEM CLASS



Fourth Grade

24 -#2 Pencils no Dixon Brand unless Dixon Ticonderoga (no mechanical)

1-package of pencil top erasers

1-Pair of scissors – 7 inch student size

8-glue sticks

Dry erase markers with eraser- black only, no fine point

4- Spiral-bound notebooks Wide rule 1 subject

4-Plastic Pocket Folders WITH prongs-plain cover

1 pair of Ear buds

3- boxes of tissue

1-Box of colored pencils or crayons

School supply box

Lysol Wipes

Boys- Ziplock Sandwich Bags

Girls-Hand Sanitizer

Straws – for STEM CLASS


Fifth Grade

48 # 2 pencils and erasers

1-Pair Earbuds

1- Mouse (preferably wireless)

4- Pink pearl erasers

5- packages college-rule filler paper

2- 1 inch-1 ½ inch  binders

3-boxes of Kleenex

3-Baby Wipes

3-Clorox Wipes

2 – 5 pack Highlighters Multi-Colored

1 – 24 pkg colored pencils

1-5 pack Dry Erase Markers Black or Blue

1- 5 pack  Vis-a-via Markers Black

5-Composition Notebooks

20- 8 ½ X 11   Top Load Sheet Protectors

Pipe cleaner – for STEM CLASS





1- washable child’s face mask

2- boxes of 24 count Crayola Crayons

10- #2 pencils/Yellow Dixon Ticonderoga

4-Dry Erase markers BIG (Black only)

6- Glue sticks

1- Box of Tissues

2- containers of LYSOL Wipes

1 -pkg. of 3 Paper Mate Pink Erasers

1- box of quart size Ziplock bags (Boys)

1- box of gallon size Ziplock bags (girls)

1-Backpack-Full size

1-set of headphones with 3.5mm/USB plug

Craft sticks (large and/or small) for STEM CLASS


First Grade

6- wide ruled spiral notebooks, 70 pages-2-red, 2-yellow, 2-blue, these are for classroom journals

6 to 8 expo white board markers (black only)

2- boxes of Crayola crayons (24 count)

Glue sticks- 20 small or 10 large

1- scissors (child)

Pencil box for supplies

1-small package of sheet protectors (10 pack)

1- red poly 3 prong folder

3-boxes of tissues

1-Box of child’s disposable gloves (vinyl or latex)

3-Clorox Wipes per child

1-washable child’s face mask

1-Headphones for chrome book

1-Mouse for chrome book (optional)

1-bag of pompoms for STEM CLASS



Second Grade

24-#2 “Ticonderoga” pencils

2-Large pink erasers

2-pkg. of dry erase markers -4 per pack (BLACK only)

2-boxes of 24 crayons

2-highlighters (YELLOW only)

3- WIDE ruled Composition notebooks (BLACK)

4-3-prong folders (plain/no designs)

1-Latching supply/pencil box

8- small glue sticks

1-3x5 index cards(Boys)

1-4x6 index cards (Girls)

8 small glue sticks

3-Disinfectant wipes

2-Hand sanitizer

3- boxes of tissues


1-Tape (any kind such as scotch tape, masking tape, and/or painters tape), this is for the STEM CLASS


**All Second grade supplies will be shared among all the students in each class.  Please do not personalize your items with names or designs**