Pre-K Triple P Positive Parenting Graduating Classes

Congratulations to our Pre-K Triple P Positive Parenting Graduating Classes from October & November 2019!!

Here are some things being said about the classes:

This program has helped me...

     "remain calm, feel more in control and raise my voice less."

     "understand my child has a voice and an opinion."

     "in finding other alternative ways in how to discipline my kids."

New things I am doing or changes I have made as a result of this program...

     "We now have a plan for immediate consequences that we are able to implement anywhere. I calmly give instruction or consequence and easily follow through."

     "I have learned to stay calm and communicate with my child. I also learned that to have her follow rules isn't a bad thing."

     "I am taking a step back to evaluate the situation instead of jumping to conclusions and yelling. Trying not to escalate the situation."

Things I liked about this program...

     "The skills to help us develop further."

     "Being around other parents that may be going through similar situations with their own children."

     "Lyn was awesome. I liked the buddy system. I love the logical immediate consequences and that I learned not to raise my voice."