The Nye County School District Grants Department promotes and supports school and district initiatives for student success by coordinating grant application opportunities, technical assistance, monitoring and evaluation of current grants, policy and regulatory oversight, and administrative authority over grant funding. Program oversight and evaluation are conducted throughout the lifespan of each grant and contribute to improved operations and future grant funding.



The McKinney-Vento Act is a federal law that ensures the right of students to go to school even when they are homeless or don’t have a permanent address. The Act aims to reduce barriers that have prevented many homeless youth from enrolling, attending, and succeeding in school, including:  transportation; residency requirements; and documentation requirements, such as birth certificates and medical records.

Who can get help under McKinney-Vento? All homeless young people—including “unaccompanied youth” not in the physical custody of a parent or guardian—who are: living in emergency shelters or transitional living programs; staying temporarily with friends or relatives due to inadequate housing; or staying in motels, campgrounds, cars, or other temporary housing.

What school can they go to? Youth have the right to attend either: the school nearest to where they are living; or the school where they were last enrolled (called “school of origin”), even if they move out of the school district. When youth choose to go to the school in the area where they are living, the school must immediately let students enroll, attend classes, and participate fully in school activities, even if students do not have a parent or guardian with them or documents typically required for enrollment, such as birth certificates, proof of residency, medical records, and school records.