Former Students of any NCSD School:

If you attended any NCSD high school at any time, you may request your transcript by phone, fax, email or stopping into the school office.

Former Graduates:

You may request your transcript at any time by phone, fax, email, or stopping into the school office. 

Post Secondary Institutions, Corporations & Agencies:

We do graduation confirmations via fax or email.

K-12 Institutions: 

We do our best to fax unofficial records as soon as possible, so e do not delay the enrollment of our former students transferring to new schools. Please fax record requests, and if urgent please call, the registrar or secretary of the appropriate school and we'll do our best to get you what is needed.

Special Education Records:

Per Nevada Local Government Retention Schedule (Section Number S-1031 LRDA Number 20081766), NCSD archives Special Education Records for six (6) calendar years after individual(s) graduate or exit services (e.g., moved out of district, exited from special education services, graduation, etc.). Former students of NCSD, may request copies of special education records by contacting their school or NCSD's Office of Special Education Support Services. Record requests for student(s) currently enrolled in NCSD may be obtained through the student(s) special education case manager. 


Visitors can find school phone numbers and contact information by going to the appropriate school site under the "Schools" link and then clicking staff in the menu to identify the registrar or secretary.

Records requests are a registrar responsibility, but some smaller schools do not have registrars. If no registrar is found, please contact the school secretary.


The state of Nevada allows for former students who did not receive a diploma to request a records request to verify whether or not they can receive a diploma now. 

Students who received a Certificate of Attendance, not a diploma, because they had the credits to graduate but did not pass one or more proficiency exams are encouraged to request a transcript review.

Please click this link, fill out the form, and submit it to the high school of record.