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Smith's Rewards
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Monday, November 30, 2015
Smith's Rewards
Smith's Rewards
Smith's Rewards.... Inspiring Donations!!
Manse is registered as one of the schools that benefit from shopping at Smith's! Every time that you shop at Smith's and use your card, Manse gets money donated to the school. It costs nothing! All you have to do is register your Smith's card or log in at and click on the community link at the top. Click on the Community Reward section (on left). Click on create an account. Make sure that your shoppers number is the one that is listed. Go to the bottom where it says community reward. Click it. Start typing Manse in the blank and it should pop up. click on the little circle. Done!!! You may get an e-mail from them to verify the choice--click on the link in the e-mail and you are all set. This is an easy way for Manse to receive part of the 1.4 million that they have set aside for various non profit organizations. Thanks again for your continued support!!
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